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Real Cost of Cancer

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Cancer patients and their families face a financial crisis while they are going through their treatment, according to the results of a report published based on research we commissioned called ‘The Real Cost of Cancer’.

A large number of patients face a severe drop in income while at the same time running up extra bills on a range of items such as home heating, parking, childcare, travel, prescription charges, hospital stays, over-the-counter drugs, consultant visits, dental care, physiotherapy as well as clothing and personal care.


The average extra spend per month for a cancer patient is €862, even for patients with a medical card or private health insurance, according to the survey.

Those who cannot work, work less or lose income as a result of having cancer face an income drop averaging €1,400 a month, or €16,750 per year.


Overview of Real Cost of Cancer research findings



Specific average costs on medical care per month include:

€303 spent on medical costs that cannot be claimed back. They include things like over-the-counter medication, hospital stays, specialist dressings and GP visits. These costs affect 77% of cancer patients;

Four out of five cancer patients pay an additional €69 to cover the medication they need to manage the side effects of their treatment (for example, fatigue and nausea).


Specific average costs on day-to-day household expenses per month include:


€226 on increase in childcare costs as a result of not being able to care for dependents;

€153 on increased food and drink expenses because of the time being spent out of the home;

€140 on increased heating and electricity bills (chemotherapy patients often feel the cold worse than people not going through treatment);

€99 on additional domestic support;

€53 on increased phone bills.


Specific average costs on travel expenses per month include:


€166 on traveling to and from appointments;

€62 on hospital parking;

€179 on other costs associated with appointments.

On average, one off purchases cost cancer patients:

€891 to modify their home;

€653 on dental work and care;

€511 on wigs and hair pieces;

€215 on specialist equipment for the home (example, a commode);

€704 on ‘other’ one-off costs.


Loss of Income


In almost all cases, cancer patients are working less as a result of having cancer. Many have either retired or become unemployed.

60% of cancer patients are on a reduced level of income since they were diagnosed;

The reduction on average is €16,785 per annum or €1,400 per month. 

Source: http://www.cancer.ie/


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