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Low Cost Life Cover.ie is one of Ireland’s leading independent brokers for life insurance, offering affordable mortgage protection, life insurance and critical/serious illness cover at competitive prices. Our qualified financial advisors offer quality expertise and customer service to ensure you get the best cover possible for you or your family.

Call today on 01 685 3818 for a free insurance quote, or use our online application service to discover how much more you could be saving on life assurance.

Life Insurance

Provides for your loved ones in the event of your death.

Mortgage Protection

Pays off your mortgage if you pass away during it’s term.

Illness Cover

Gives you a lump sum if you get a specified serious illness.

Income Protection

Pays you an income when you can’t work.

Great Value Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection and Illness Cover at affordable prices

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What Our Customers Say!

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

Our Huge Black Friday Sale Is Now On!Choose your offer! Option A 50% discount in your first year or Option B a lower price for the full term of the policy. For all Mortgage and Family Protection Policies! Plus Plus Plus...

Protection Cash Back Offer

Protection Cash Back Offer

  50% of The First Year Premium Back in Cash on All Protection Policies! How it Works If we can save you €15 per month on a policy with a term of 20 Years this will amount to a saving of €3,600 over the term of the policy. If that saving is €25 per month, yes,...